Fabulous Gift Ideas for the Pet & Pet Lover in Your Life

Warm a Heart This Winter with a Gift for a Pet Lover and Their Pet! We hope these ideas inspire you to create, donate, and bring joy to the Pet Lover and Pet in your life!

Creative Ideas


  • Gift Certificates are always appreciated
  • Make your own ID tags and purchase a Microchip for a beloved pet
  • Create Gift Baskets for a Dog or a Cat lover
  • Make your own treats and toys
  • Help Support a local Charity in the name of a Pet Lover
  • Dedicate resources, supplies, or time to the Pets of the Homeless or Elderly
The Gift of Health!


A Gift Certificate from Chase Farm Veterinary Hospital

  • Show you care about the Person AND the Pet with the gift of Top Rate Veterinary Care
  • A Chase Farm Veterinary Gift Certificate can be given in Any Amount
  • Our Gift Certificates can be used for Any Service or Product we provide or carry
  • These thoughtful gifts never expire, can be used at any time, and an owner with the security that their pet is getting THE BEST in care and products
The Gift of Safety! (microchip/TAGG/id tag)


http://homeagain.com pet microchip and pet id

Customized ID tag with a Home Again Microchip and/or the TAGG GPS Monitoring System

Pair the fabulous name tag with a Home Again Microchip or GPS Collar for a gift that says you care about a pet’s safety

A pet microchip creates a forever bond between a person and the pet they love. Together with your Veterinarian and the HomeAgain pet recovery system you’ll give that pet the best chance of coming back home to it’s beloved human! Chase Farm Veterinary Hospital can microchip a pet for only $54. It is fast, easy, doesn’t hurt at all, and provides an owner with the knowledge that their pet can be found if disaster or mishap strikes. (www.HomeAgain.com)

Martha Stewart provides free downloadable templates to use. Pair that with easy-to-find materials and you can create a customized ID tag for your pet.

Tools and Materials:

  • Shrinky Dinks printable plastic sheets
  • Regular or decorative-edge scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Pet ID tag template


  1. Download Pet ID tag template to your computer’s desktop: (http://www.marthastewart.com/264719/pet-id-tag)
  2. Open the file and type the pet’s name and your phone number.
  3. Print tags on a Shrinky Dinks printable plastic sheet.
  4. Cut out with regular or decorative-edge scissors and punch a hole where indicated.
  5. Bake according to package instructions; let cool.
  6. Seal both sides with matte clear-coat spray before attaching to collar.
Support Pets and Your Community – The Humane Society & Shelter Southcoast HSSSC


Humane Society and Shelter Southcoast serves the communities in and around South Coast Massachusetts and is located next door to CFVH!

33 Ventura Drive, Dartmouth MA 02747
Phone (508) 995-6661
  • The Humane Society has truly Adorable Pet Products (collars, leashes, bowls, decorative items) that cost less than those purchased from retail stores, and whose profits benefit a wonderful support system in our community
  • Purchase a walkway brick with the name of a friend of an Animal or the Pet’s name
  • The Humane Society has a Fabulous Grooming Salon! Give a Gift Certificate for a Mani-Pedi or any spa service
Make a Cat Lover’s Gift Basket


  • Put together a really fun basket filled with things that both your cat lover and their car will love!
  • Choose an inspiring or fun book. We love the book Dewey by Vikki Myron: DEWEY “is the heartwarming, true story of an abandoned kitten who went on to live an extraordinary life, inspiring a struggling single mother, transforming a sleepy library and the inhabitants of its depressed Iowa farm town, and ultimately capturing the hearts of animal lovers around the world” (courtesy Dewy.com)
  • Add some easy to make toys for the kitty (see below for an easy craft project or visit Martha Stewart.com for more inspiration!)
  • Make little baggies of catnip (or purchase some from CFVH with funds going to the Humane Society)!
  • Add a little natural “kitty grass” – you can find this at many pet stores
How to make a cat toy


Play Cat & Mouse or make a homemade catnip Fish toy! Playing with your cat is not only fun for you, but also great exercise for your frisky whiskered friend. These felt mouse toys are totally simple to make and super fun for your cat to toss around. The bells and catnip inside make them very appealing to your playful kitty. (Visit She Knows.com for more ideas like this one)

Gift Basket for a Dog Lover!


Create a gift box with treats for a dog lover and their faithful friend!

  • Choose an inspiring or fun book. For a Great read try “Huck: The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family—and a Whole Town—About Hope and Happy Endings” by Janet Elder
  • Add some delicious, and easy to make, homemade Grain Free Dog Cookies (see recipe below
  • Add a nice brush, some shampoo or bath wipes, and a bow for the dog’s collar
Recipe for Homemade Grain Free Dog Cookies – Liver and Potato


Grain free dog treats are not just for dogs with dog food allergies. And even though liver dog treats are often associated with dog training, you can make this recipe any time, and for almost any dog. Playing in Grains is More Fun than Eating Them! Visit DogTreatKitchen.com for great recipes.

Remember Those in Need


Honor a pet lover with a gift that will benefit the pet of someone in need

The homeless and the elderly often need assistance with caring for a beloved pet. The pet offers comfort and love during difficult and lonely times.

  • Give food, bedding, litter to your local homeless shelter, Council on Aging, or food bank to help the pet of a homeless owner or elderly neighbor.
  • Consider making a Donation in the Name of a Friend or Pet. One great National group can be found at PetsOf The Homeless.Com is a nonprofit volunteer organization that provides pet food and veterinary care to the homeless and less fortunate in local communities across the United States and Canada.
Dartmouth Council on Aging
628 Dartmouth St.
Dartmouth, MA 02748
(508) 999-4717
  • Services Provided: Boxes of food to Dartmouth Residents only.
  • Donations Accepted: Food Donations
  • Hours for Donations: Mon-Fri 9:00 am-3:00 pm
  • In need of assistance? Call ahead, Mon-Fri 9:00 am-3:00 pm

Grace Episcopal Church

133 School St.
New Bedford, MA 02740
(508) 993-0547
  • Services Provided: Food assistance
  • Donations Accepted: Food donations:
  • Donation Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 am-4:00 pm
  • In need of assistance? Photo ID & MassHealth card
  • Pantry Hours: Mondays & Fridays 9:30am-10:30am once a month

See a list of Southcoast Food Pantry locations here: www.southcoasthappenings.com/Food_Pantries.html