Treadmill Therapy

Our heated, underwater treadmill is used for animals that need rehabilitation, for those who need help to lose weight, and for dogs who just need some exercise. Because the water gives the patient buoyancy, it makes moving injured joints and muscles easier. The water also provides resistance for good exercise.

Each treatment plan is designed specifically for individual patient by adjusting the treadmill speed, height of water, and length of treatment.

Patients that may benefit from this therapy include those who have muscles sprains, cruciate ligament tears, spinal trauma, arthritis, a significant amount of weight to lose, and for healthy dogs to exercise in our “fun & fitness” program.

Check Out Our Underwater Treadmill In Action!

Client Testimonials…

Bella“I cannot thank Alissa and Dr Rickard enough for the amazing treatment throughout Bella’s rehabilitation for her knee surgery. Bella is known to be a bit of an orthopedic nightmare. With two knee surgeries and a future of hip surgeries she is the queen of physical therapy and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for her treatment! Alissa’s attention to detail and gait analysis at every visit really pushed us along to get Bella toned up for our hiking vacation. Alissa always took notice if Bella was sore and tailored the session to what she can handle. Bella has had nothing but great experiences at Chase Farm and would do a little dance of joy before we left the house for her appointments. She would then squirm and smile in the waiting room as soon as she saw Alissa walking in. Dogs know good people when they see them!
Thank you so much for bringing my Bella back to life. She is full of life now running and playing with her pack mates! Dr Rickard was amazed at how well Bella progressed through therapy and I know we couldn’t of done it without Alissa’s help. We took our dogs up to Maine hiking just 5 months post surgery and she did every trail like a pro!! I would strongly recommend using Chase Farm’s rehab program as Bella is proof of the quality of her treatments he received.

Thank you,
Sarah Breen”