Dental Services

dental 1coconut pollinOur dental’s begin with digital x-rays of the patient’s teeth and structures lying under the gum-line. This full mouth series of x-rays allows your pet’s doctor to examine the structures and decide if any extractions are needed. If extractions are warranted  the doctor will remove the teeth and suture the sites with dissolvable suture’s. The technician scales all of the tartar off the remaining teeth and polishes all surfaces.

Our patient Coconut is an excellent example of why dental maintenance equals overall better health for a pet. Small breed dogs suffer from dental disease more than large breed dogs. Coconut is a 10 year old Pomeranian. He has had a dental cleaning every year since he was 4 years old. He has never had an extraction and his physical exams and blood work reveal a dog who is in excellent health! Preventive care will save your dog from needing painful extractions later in life and help keep your dog healthier overall.