Grooming Services

Our hospital offers grooming and baths for both dogs and cats. All grooming appointments are scheduled as drop offs where the pet spends the majority of the day with us. This allows the technicians the ability to give the animals breaks if the grooming becomes stressful for the pet at any time. Patients will be given as many breaks as needed. Spending the day in the hospital also allows us to make sure that there is plenty of time to completely dry off after a bath. Because all grooming patients are admitted into the hospital for the day, we require that all vaccines are up to date for their safety.

When scheduling a grooming appointment, clients have a few different options:
  • groomingBath only
  • Clip matts only
  • Full body clip and bath Note: We are not professional groomers. If you are looking for a breed specific cut, we recommend that your pet goes to a groomer. Our clips consist of short hair on the body. The head, tail, and legs are left long and blended with the shorter hair of the body.
  • Full clip and bath under anesthesia Note: Grooming done under anesthesia allow clients with pets that may be aggressive and unable to go to a groomer the ability to receive grooming. We do not put all pets under anesthesia that are being groomed. This option is reserved for pets that can not be groomed in any other way. We try to exhaust all other options before electing to use anesthesia for grooming purposes. Any grooming requiring anesthesia will be handled on a patient by patient basis with consultation and oversight of a doctor.

All grooming appointments receive a nail trim and have their ears cleaned at no additional charge. All of these pets are also checked for fleas while they are with us.