Euthanasia Service

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At our hospital, we understand that when the time comes to say goodbye to a beloved friend, there are many emotions and questions that can come along with that. We would like to make this time as easy and stress free as possible for both you and your pet. When the time comes to schedule to have your pet put to sleep, please give us a call. The receptionist will speak with one of the triage technicians on your behalf. The technician will have you come in during a quiet time so that we can spend as much time with you as you need.

When considering euthanasia, there are a few options:

  • Some clients choose to stay with their pet the entire time. A staff member will escort you into an exam room where there will be a blanket for your pet to lay on if he/she chooses. The doctor will come in to spend some time with you to explain what to expect. The doctor will take your pet into the treatment room in order to put in an IV catheter. As soon as the catheter is in place, your pet is brought back into the exam room. You may take as much time to spend with him/her as you would like. The doctor will come back in and give your pet an injection of a sedative to make him/her relax and fall to sleep. Once asleep, another injection is given through the IV catheter. The doctor will listen to your pet’s heart to confirm that he/she has passed. You may spend as much time in the exam room as you need.
  • Some clients choose to stay with their pet until the sedative takes affect and they choose to leave prior to the IV injection being administered.
  • Some clients choose not to stay with their pet. The option to drop off your pet with us is available. If you choose not to be present, the procedure is still the same. We treat all pets as our own. One of our technicians will stay will your pet while the procedure is being performed.

When considering euthanasia, there are a few options to consider for after care:

  • Some clients choose to have their pet individually cremated and the ashes returned to them. The Humane Society and Shelter South Coast performs our cremations. Your pets ashes are returned in about one week. We will call you as soon as we have them. The ashes are returned in a cedar box. Urns and boxes for your pet’s ashes are available from the Humane Society through us.
  • Some clients choose to take their pet home for burial.
  • Some clients choose to have their pet buried at a private cemetery of their choice. The arrangements are made by the client and your pets remains are usually picked up from us by a member of the cemetery.
  • Some clients choose to have a group cremation. In a group cremation, the ashes are not returned to the owner.