Balu – A Story About A Working Dog

October 23, 2014




During the last few weeks, Balu is a patient we’ve seen quite a few times…


The 13 year old Border Collie is so young at heart…you’d never be able to guess his age just by looking at him! He was curious and inquisitive at every visit and made a lasting impression on the CFVH staff. We are thrilled that his Mom decided to share his story.

I met Balu 11 years ago and immediately fell in love with him. His brown eyes would melt anyone’s heart and he melted mine! Balu was a bomb sniffing dog at my place of employment and his job was to check the luggage, cars and vehicles before they boarded the ferry.

So, five days a week Balu would come with his handler to do his job, risking his life to keep everyone safe…and keep them safe he did! During his free time, he would come in the office, visit and patiently wait for cookies. During the winter months, Balu was sent to Florida where his job was also to check luggage, cars and anything else that went onto the cruise ships.

For years, I would tell Balu’s handler, “If he ever retires I would love to have him”. I waited and waited and waited…then finally 11 years later his handler Bill said to me, “We want you to have his leash, with him attached”!!!

We’ve had him a year now and he is a true hero…the love of our lives!!

– Sue Murray, Balu’s Mom & CFVH Client

Want to know more about Balu? Please comment below! The wonderful staff at Chase Farm Veterinary Hospital would be happy to answer all of your questions about Balu, and the rehabilitation options available to your pet.

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