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July 29, 2013


by Andrea Berry, Chase Farm Veterinary Hospital

"Now Jr. This is how to scratch your back!"

“Now This, Jr. is how to scratch your back!”

The incessant scratching, chewing, gnawing – the drama, the agony, the FLEAS!  Uhhhg.  This feels like the worst year yet for those nasty little bugs. A day at the hospital doesn’t go by when we aren’t talking about the problem. It’s a BAD this year folks and even if Fluffy is ‘indoor-only’ or Fido isn’t the outdoorsy type chances are you’re going to experience part of the Great Flea Uprising of 2013.  So what to do?  The good news is that we have a lot of helpful information for you and your pet!

UNDERSTANDING THE FLEA CYCLE:CFVH pictures dog warding off fleas

They’re gross, they’re prolific and they’re potentially a serious hazard to your pet. You probably don’t want to even think about them right?  But understanding more about fleas and the flea cycle will help you to conquer them and be the Hero that you are to your pet!    SO here’s the 411.  A flea’s lifecycle involves going through an egg, larvae, pupa and then adult flea stage.  Imagine this cycle multiplied by the 2,000 plus eggs that each adult flea can lay in a single day.

Now imagine that if you’re seeing one flea there are about a gazillion of its friends, relatives and offspring in different stages of development crawling around nearby.  I know – don’t faint.  And don’t lose heart, this might take a while but we will help you and you WILL get rid of them.

Whether you choose a 30 day oral or topical treatment for your pet they should see some dead fleas, and relief within the first day.  For people with severe infestations we can work with you to get your pet on a combination of medications that will help you solve the problem for good.  But it’s important to know that to get through the whole flea cycle you’ll need to be consistent and treat all of the pets in your household every 3-4 weeks for 3 to 4 months.  If you stop after that first dose you’ll have hatching eggs, developing larvae and emerging pupae and then another gazillion adult fleas ready to start all over again the following month.  So put that sticker on your fridge calendar and keep up with it because you CAN win this battle but you have to use those weapons of defense that are your flea products.


CFVH pictures kitten scratching

Fleas are more than just annoying they’re harmful. They can cause skin allergies, agonizing hot spots, and are the primary source of those disgusting tapeworms you may find on your pets bum. Blech.  So how do you get rid of them? First of all you need to BUY THE RIGHT PRODUCTS.  Don’t waste your money with the knock-off or generic stuff because you’ll be doing just that – wasting your money – and also potentially endangering your pet with unsafe ingredients.   Buy a product that is Tested, Safe and Effective.  There are lots of choices including both topical and oral products.  Products that Chase Farm Veterinary Hospital supports include the following:


Frontline for Dogs & Cats  – Kills adult Fleas, eggs & larvae; kills Ticks

Vectra for Dogs  – Kills and repells Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes

Vectra for Cats – Kills Fleascfvh-pictures-vectra boxcfvh-pictures frontline boxes

Assurity (Cats Only) – Kills adult Fleas

Oral Tablets

CFVH pictures comfortis_large

Comfortis for Dogs and Cats – 30 day flea treatment. Begins working in 30 minutes

Senitnal (Dogs Only)  – Heartworm Prevention with a Flea sterilizer





Your next question is probably this:  “Why should I buy this stuff from my Vet when I can get it online?”  The main answer is because it’s Safe.  Products purchased via your Veterinarian’s office are safer. We buy them directly from the manufacturer, we store them properly, and we’re there to follow through directly with you.

And that’s the second important point.  When you buy your product from Chase Farm you have all of us backing it, and you, up.  If you have a question we’ll answer it or we’ll get an answer for you.  Did you know that Frontline – when purchased from a Veterinarian – has a Guarantee?  Use Frontline for 3 months in a row and if you still have fleas the company will pay to have your home exterminated by Terminix.  And it works that way for all of our products.  If you have a problem we will work with our manufacturer and make sure that it gets resolved for you.  And we always have discounts, rebates and free doses when you buy in quantity so that the actual cost of getting the real thing is manageable.



Getting Rid of Fleas is a Big Job!

Getting Rid of Fleas is a Big Job!

Between all of our staff at Chase Farm, our friends, family, reading, the internet and all of our combined experience we’ve also got some extra tips for you in your valiant fight against the flea population.  Here are some of the things that we do:

* Premise Spray:  we sell a really effective spray called “Knockout”.  One can covers 2,200 square feet and can be used on carpet, hardwood, furniture and fabrics.  Spray UNDER things – because this is where they hop, scoot and squirm to –  (cushions, furniture, etc.), use it on pet bedding, around baseboards.  Keep your pet out of the room while you spray but as soon as it dries it’s safe for your pet to be let back in.

* BORAX – it really works!  This is a laundry additive that you can find in your grocery’s detergent isle.  Sprinkle it on your floors, under your cushions, around baseboards etc.  Let it sit for 20-30 minutes and then vacuum up.

* Cheepo Flea Collars – DO NOT PUT THESE ON YOUR PET!  They won’t help much just hanging around their neck. But where they DO help is in your vacuum cleaner. Buy a flea collar, cut it into little pieces and then throw a piece into your vacuum bag or canister.  The idea is that all the gross flea bits you vacuum up will run into the flea collar parts in the bag and die before they can hop back out.  Also – remember to throw out your vacuum bag or empty the canister as soon as possible after you sweep.

Well, we’re sure this is more than you’ve ever wanted to know about a flea. We’re sorry about that – but knowledge IS power!  Please call us, e-mail us, or stop in and we’ll be more than happy to help you and your pets stay itch free!


Frontline Plus information on Fleas and Ticks    http://www.frontline.com/Pages/Fleas.aspx#flea-infestations

Vectra 3D information on Fleas and Ticks   http://www.vectrapet.com/Home/Fleas-Ticks-More/Fleas

Comfortis – Controlling Fleas in Your Home  http://www.comfortis.com/about-fleas/controlling-fleas.aspx

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