Love and Your Fluffy Friend

February 13, 2013

by Andrea Berry – Chase Farm Veterinary Hospital

Valentine’s Day is here! Ahhh the joy, the love, the chocolate, and the …..Teeth? Well, while a nice set of shiny chompers might not be the first thing you think of around this time of year, taking care of your Pet’s teeth and gums could just be the most special way of saying “I Love You” to your four-legged friend.

We HEART Healthy Teeth!

10312428_sTo sweeten the pot February is also National Pet Dental Health Month and there’s more to keeping your pet’s teeth clean than just the reward of a fresh-breathed furry friend. Your pet’s good dental health is directly related to their good heart health.

Our featured article this week provides some great information on the relationship between Dental Health and Heart Disease. Read The Importance of Periodontal Health in Maintaining Your Pet’s Healthy Heart at

Also check out our Technician, Kim’s story about how maintaining good dental habits has kept her little guy Coconut healthy all these years then call or e-mail us to schedule your dog or cat’s dental checkup or cleaning.


Keeping Your Pet’s Teeth and Gums Healthy

4006492_sAt your next appointment talk to your Veterinarian about the best way to maintain your pet’s pearly whites! We offer products that can help you keep their mouth in peak kissing mode – including C.E.T. toothbrush kits, Greenies brand dental treats, EnzyChew rawhide bone strips and treats for dogs and cats, and specialized Science Diet dental diet food.

We’ve also found some healthy treats that you can make at home to help keep your dog’s breath lovable all year long!  check out these Tasty Tartar Control Recipes (Yogurt and Mint & Honey/Peppermint treats, YUM!)


A Pet’s Love – Keeping YOU Healthier?

CFVH-pictures-Roberta&CamillaYou and I know how much our faithful and furry friends do for us: the absolute devotion, the pure joy at our arrival home, the unending assurance that we are loved. It seems miraculous that something so small – someone who can’t even walk upright, use opposable thumbs or speak our language – could yet provide so much genuine love and support and communicate such daily reassurance to us that we are needed and appreciated.

But can our pets actually make us healthier? Some researchers think that they can. Many studies have found a positive correlation between having a pet and living a longer, healthier life. What do you think? With Valentine’s Day in mind we found a heart-loving article on See the full story entitled Can Having a Cat Lower Your Heart Attack Risk? for more info.


A Valentine for Your Four-Legged Friend

A Gift for the Giver! They really do give us so much…here are some ideas for sending some love to the cute fluffy friend in your life. For more great ideas for gifts for the Pet and the Pet Lover in your life see our Gift Giving For Pet Lovers page!


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