Rosie’s Story

August 24, 2014


Alissa & Rosie at the Beach

By Alissa Wales

Rosie and I met 4 years ago when she was brought to Chase Farm Veterinary Hospital…



She was found as a stray and taken by Animal Control to the emergency center before ending up at the Humane Society.  From them, we learned that Rosie was hit by a car and non – ambulatory in her front legs.  Along with an ulcer in her eye and horrible dental disease, an x-ray showed that Rosie had a compression fracture in her neck which explained the reason she was unable to use her front legs.  We estimated she was 10-12 years old.

I instantly fell in love with her and knew I wanted to help her as much as I could.  Dr. Pitcairn felt the same way, and thought she had a fighting chance, so we decided to take her in and start rehabilitation to get her back to health, right away.  After 10 days, whoever had previously owned Rosie had not come forward to claim her so for the next four months she stayed with us and received acupuncture, laser therapy, massage, and osteopathic therapy.

I remember, shortly after starting her acupuncture, she began regaining feeling to her front legs and would put in just as much effort as we did to try to walk and be mobile on her own!

With the right medications and therapy, Rosie was able to walk again!


Rosie 2When she was completely healthy, Dr. Pitcairn knew Rosie’s dental issues needed to be attended too.  Rosie went through a huge undertaking with almost full mouth extractions; all but four teeth! By the end of the four months, she was a very happy and spunky girl who, no matter what, had the will to live. When she was back to 100% after her dental surgery she had a lot of trust issues, especially with men, but only really bonded herself to myself and about 3 other technicians.

Throughout this whole experience, Rosie and I bonded when I took part in helping her to recover. When Rosie was given the final OK to be placed up for adoption and find her forever home, I wanted to be the first one in line to offer her that opportunity! Through these last four years, Rosie has continued to receive acupuncture every other week by Dr. Messina and Dr. Pitcairn.

“If it wasn’t for them, I know Rosie wouldn’t be pain free, or able to experience what a good doggy life is all about…”


Rosie RelaxingIn September of 2013, Dr.Messina performed another dental surgery on Rosie as her remaining teeth were infected and needed to be extracted.  Most recently, Rosie has been experiencing some pancreatic issues, but with the help of Dr. Messina she is, yet again, on the road to 100% recovery.

Rosie has eye issues, arthritis from her injury, and no teeth but has been one of the greatest gifts my husband and I have ever received! Every day, my dogs teach me new things about myself and the world around me, but I know Rosie was sent to me when I needed her the most…even without knowing I did.

When I took Rosie on and welcomed her into my home I remember thinking I’d only have her for a short period of time because I knew of all her issues and how old she was. Now, four years down the road, she still continues to be that happy girl who loves life! She was, and continues to be, saved by the staff at Chase Farm Veterinary Hospital.

Want to know more about Rosie & Alissa? Please comment below! The wonderful staff at Chase Farm Veterinary Hospital would be happy to answer all of your questions about Rosie, and the rehabilitation options available to your pet.

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3 responses to “Rosie’s Story”

  1. Momma says:

    Oh Lissie that was beautiful!!!! I so miss Rose Rose she brought a smile to my face every time I saw her..she was so lucky that you found her because you both had a bond instantly…I love you and your huge wonderful heart!!!!

  2. Diane Newell says:

    Beautiful Alissa,
    I am deeply touched by Rosie’s story and journey which brought her to you,Dr.P,Dr Messina and all the loving staff at Chase.
    Rosie,a very special girl that felt love like never before with her wonderful family. Rosie was meant to be with you, to be cherished as she indeed was. Bless you and the incredibly compassionate Doctors that are so unique at Chase,and bless little Rosie who loves you all.

  3. Tami Brower says:

    Awesome story!

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