Train in the New Year: Week 3

December 26, 2014

Welcome to Week 3 of the Train in the New Year!


Week 3 will focus on Attention & Training with a Halti!

We have just completed Week’s 1 & 2: Come when Called and Sit. How are we all doing!? If you are keeping track, the conclusion of Week 3 marks the half-way point for the Train-in-the-New-Year Challenge!

Have you ever felt ignored, or that your pet is simply not listening? The Getting your Pet to Pay Attention tutorial will guide you through capturing that initial focus. For those of you already training on a Halti, the second tutorial will reinforce the correct method of use; For those struggling with a pooch who pulls, this tutorial will demonstrate the advantages of training with head-collars. Check out both tutorials below…



How many of your pets decided to take the Challenge? We want your feedback!

For those of you just joining us, it’s not too late! We have included the Challenge Rules below…


Does your dog have a New Year’s Resolution?

We are introducing a 6 week challenge for you and your pooch!
This challenge will help your dog learn basic and advanced training commands. Already have a well behaved dog? That’s OK; you can still participate! Following our challenge will help you spend more time with your dog…and what can be wrong with that?!?

How to enter:

  1. Each Friday, we will post a new video and tutorial.
  2. Before starting to work with your dog, record and EMAIL us ( a video of him/her trying to do the command.
  3. Work with your dog daily.
  4. EMAIL us another video once your dog can successfully perform the command.
  5. All entries must be submitted by midnight on 2/1/15.

Videos will be posted on our Facebook page on 2/2/15 and the video receiving the most “likes” wins!

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