Why Pets Itch and Scratch and Chew and Lick!
Posted by Lisa on March 28, 2013

What Causes Itchiness?| Diagnosis| Treatments| Products| Contact Us by Dr. Abigail Messina D.V.M One of the most common calls made to any animal hospital in America goes something like this: “Doctor, I’ve got to get this dog in right away. He’s driving us nuts. All he does is itch and scratch, bite and lick and […]

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Traveling With Your Pet
Posted by Lisa on March 11, 2013

Traveling In The United States | Traveling Abroad | Returning Home | Traveling In A Crate | Microchip | Pet GPS | Links   by Dr. Laurie Buche, DVM For many of us vacation just wouldn’t be the same if we couldn’t take our pets along. Traveling with pets can be both satisfying and rewarding […]

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Love and Your Fluffy Friend
Posted by Lisa on February 13, 2013

by Andrea Berry – Chase Farm Veterinary Hospital Valentine’s Day is here! Ahhh the joy, the love, the chocolate, and the …..Teeth? Well, while a nice set of shiny chompers might not be the first thing you think of around this time of year, taking care of your Pet’s teeth and gums could just be […]

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A Winter Storm and Your Pet
Posted by Lisa on February 7, 2013

Why Cold is Dangerous for Pets | Pet Emergency Supply Kit | Identification |Pet Friendly Shelters |Emergency Medical Facilities for Pets   (photo attributed to Cindy   ~ by Andrea Berry, Chase Farm Veterinary Hospital   It looks like our region will get walloped again with Winter Storm Nemo.  Dangerously cold weather and blizzard […]

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Why Are Vaccines Important For My Pet?
Posted by Lisa on December 21, 2012

Why Vaccinate? | Types of Vaccines | Reactions | Vaccine Associated Cancer | Pregnant or Lactating Pets | Vaccination Summary by Dr. Abigail Messina, DVM VACCINATING PUPPIES AND KITTENS The goal of vaccinating pets is to stimulate protective immunity to a specific disease. That way, if the pet is ever exposed to that disease, the […]

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Welcome to our new site!
Posted by Lisa on December 20, 2012

We’re excited to launch our brand new website for the new year! Stay tuned for more blog posts in the future…

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